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The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto is a dynamic faculty made up of pharmacy leaders and researchers in the heart of Canada’s thriving healthcare and research ecosystem. From drug discovery to deprescribing, we are exploring and pushing the limits of the profession and the science resulting in better medications, a better health system and better health.

Season 2 of the I’m Pharmacy Podcast explores the lifecycle of a drug. From thought to therapeutic, the journey of a drug has more steps than you may think, and each of them is crucial to success.

Join host Mina Tadrous -- a pharmacist, researcher and Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Assistant Professor -- from the heart of Toronto's Discovery District as he explores the journey of a drug, chatting with world-class researchers and professionals about each step of the process.

From bench to bedside, tune in for the full dose.

Host: Dr. Mina Tadrous
Production, Editing, Music: Steve Southon
Music: Diego Martinez
Production: Kate Richards

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